Basic Instructions on How to make a cast

The process for making casts is very simple and even if you have never done it before you should have no problems making one. Below are some simple instructions and pictures showing you the process so you can see how easy it is.

Step 1 Casting Process   Step 2 Casting Process

Step 1
Mix the moulding powder with water from the cold tap until it is well mixed, this is made easy by the moulding powder changing colour so you know which stage you are at.


Step 2
Transfer the coloured moulding material into a suitable container to make the casting in.

Step 3 Casting Process   Step 4 Casting Process

Step 3
Insert your childs limb into the moulding material until its sets, and changes colour, approx 2-3min.


Step 4
Gently remove your child’s limb.

Step 5 Casting Process   Step 6 Casting Process

Step 5
You will be left with an impression ready to be cast.


Step 6
Mix the casting material.

Step 7 Casting Process   Step 8 Casting Process

Step 7
Mix quickly until nice and smooth, have a little extra water on hand encase it is too thick.


Step 8
Tilt the mould when filling and bang on a hard surface to remove air bubbles. Fill to the top so it is just over flowing.

Step 9 Casting Process   Step 10 Casting Process

Step 9
Leave to set for about 12 hours. Peel away the moulding material.


Step 10
You will be left with a beautiful exact replica of your child's limb all ready to be painted and displayed however you want.

So there you have it.
It is really that simple and if you have any problems I am more than happy to help you out as much as I can.