3D D.I.Y. Casting Kits

Do it yourself

Make a 3D cast of your baby's hands and feet in only a few easy steps.
3D kits come with 3 options - small, large and a special parent and baby hands kit.

5 Paint colours available

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Small 3D Basic Kit

Each small kit will make one of the following options:
0-3 months - 4 castings
4-7 months - 3 castings
8-12 months - 2 castings
1-4 years - 1-2 castings
4-8 years - 1 castings

Basic kits come with ...

  • Moulding powder - dental grade, safe on baby's skin.
  • Casting stone - dries to a hard finish.
  • Pipette - to get casting stone into the finger tips.
  • Step by step instructions.                             This kit comes in a bag and not a gift box.

Please note this kit does NOT include paint


  • Price: $25.00

Small 3D Basic Kit

Replacements and Extras

Need more materials or something arrived not quite as you think it should?
I can supply you with refills or other extras.